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Appeared in side stories Thalamani

Moonless Age character
Portrait of Koma'lawen
Race: Dokkalfar
Current Status
Koma'lawen is Ash'waren's mother and the last queen of the Sullisin'rune nation.


Thalamani's Fall

During the Moons Age, Koma'lawen ruled the surface nation of Sullinsin'rune peoples. When the Sullisin city of Thalamani was ravaged with demons and nether arts, she, her young daughter Ash'waren, and the other survivors made the journey to seek refuge with Sharess and her people. Koma'lawen feared that despite efforts to form solidarity between enemy nations, the Sullisin'rune people would eventually become second class citizens to the host nation. But the era of the Moons Age was ending, and the sister nations threw aside their differences to band together against the demons.

War for Dominance

Centuries later during the 3rd Century War, Koma'lawen's fears returned when the Sullisins were almost destroyed by Sharess's descendants - the Sharen - when she refused to bend the knee and accept their supreme rule. It is said that Koma'lawen, her sisters and all of her daughters save Ash'waren died in this war.

This article reflects events up to chapter 36.