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Kousei Kyorl'solenurn

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Kousei Kyorl'solenurn
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Kousei Kyorl'solenurn Portrait for Arc I
Race: Drowussu
Current Status
Judicator of the Order of Twin Eyes
  • Affinity - Fire Sorcery
  • Leadership
  • Political Savvy

Kousei is the Judicator of the Order of Twin Eyes, and sole surviving Judicator following the succession of Anahid.

Appearance & Personality

Kousei is a male drowussu with blue eyes and an average build. He dyes his hair purple and styles it into a loose bob-cut. He wears the robes and cowl typical of a Judicator. As the Judicator of the Order of the Twin Eyes, tasked with eliminating heretics within and outside the clan, Kousei had a ruthless and unforgiving edge regarding those he saw as enemies. Among the Judicators, he was somewhat of an outsider, as he cared little for the politics and was considered problematic if not distracted by other duties.[1] To his allies and friends, he displays a somewhat softer and more relaxed demeanor, though tinted by a rather dark and ironic sense of humour. In all, he is extremely cunning, devout, and pragmatic; traits that allowed him to survive long as the head of one of the Kyorl'solenurn's more hardline Orders despite the constant political infighting amongst the ruling Judicators.

Following the deaths of his fellow Judicators and Anahid's rise to power, Kousei softened his attitudes somewhat. Though still cynical and pragmatic, he displayed regret for his prior actions. Considering Valla'drielle and himself both unfit to rule due to the extreme measures they had employed on behalf of the clan, he stepped down from power to allow Anahid to lead the clan down a more forgiving and peaceful road. He also took to wearing a long purple band to cover the loss of his right eye.

Kousei oversees Sene'kha's execution.[2]

Biography - Arc I

Hunt for Sene'kha

Kousei first appeared presiding over the execution of Sene'kha at Machike. Although Sene'kha attempted to delay her death in exchange for information, Kousei brusquely denied any potential use for the rogue summoner and signaled Ky'ovarde to deliver the killing blow. As Sene'kha's tainted aura left her body only to be sealed by Ky'ovarde, Kousei called out to the Sarghress present, declaring the same fate awaited any tainted among them. With the execution carried out, the Sarghress then commanded Kousei to leave Machike with the rest of his order's delegation.

During this time, the Judicator Council met to discuss recent events, though Kousei had not yet returned from his successful hunt for Sene'kha. While his frequent departures were noted with annoyance by his peers, they continued with the meeting regardless.[3] One of the many matters discussed in Kousei's absence was the fate of the young Ill'haress, Shimi'lande. Though the Council debated "replacing" their young figurehead, they ultimately decided against it.[4]

Biography - Arc II

Kousei clings to life.[5]

Kyorl'solenurn Schism

Kousei would next appear after the assassination of Shimi'lande. One of his fellow Judicators, Kyuusei took the opportunity to push his agenda, making an impassioned speech calling for war against the Sarghress and Vloz'ress. Kousei watched from behind his peer, but remained silent.[6] He would later attend the funeral of Shimi'lande, quietly informing Chiri that the departed Holy Mother would be avenged.[7] Meanwhile, Kyuusei continued with his plans to take advantage of events for his own ends, installing Valla'drielle instead of Shimi'lande's chosen successor, while manipulating Kousei and the Order of the Twin Eyes into disposing of evidence.[8] Unfortunately for Kyuusei, Kousei was able to uncover the truth with the aid of Chime and others. In retaliation for his scheming, Kousei had Kyuusei assassinated on behalf of the Shimi'lande's adopted daughters.[9]

Ascension of Anahid

Some time later, Chiri was able to meet with Anahid, Shimi'lande's true successor. Though Chiri was aware that Anahid's arrival would not be well tolerated by those in power, she hoped to arrange a meeting with Kousei and his Order, owing to their prior aid.[10] She was able to locate Ky'ovarde, who elected to escort the group to a remote site where they could speak with Kousei. Upon arrival, Chiri noted the absence of their contacts, suspecting a trap.[11] However, Ky'ovarde was quick to deny this, informing Chiri that her order had become the targets of a political inquisition, and that Kousei should have been present. With Shan in tow, they left Chiri and Anahid to locate Kousei.

Upon returning to the sanctum of the Order of the Twin Eyes, they found the scene of a brutal massacre.[12] Despite having left the sanctum mere cycles before, Ky'ovarde and her allies could find no trace of the killer. However, in a stroke of good fortunate amid the carnage, Kousei was found still alive, though critically injured. He revealed the Order had been attacked by an unknown inquisitor that had arrived moments after they departed to meet with Anahid. Before they could learn more, an inquisition sent by Valla'drielle arrived, demanding their surrender.[13] With the others carrying Kousei to safety, Ky'ovarde stayed behind and moved to buy time by opening a nether gate that was already prepared in the sanctum's wall. While this revelation disgusted Shan, Kousei calmly informed the idealistic young templar that every Order had those skilled in the nether arts out of pure necessity to combat their demonic foes.[14]

As they continued their escape, the came across wanted posters for Anahid and Chiri. Though Shan was greatly alarmed, Kousei was mildly amused by Shan's blatantly obvious feelings, lightly teasing the young man on the matter.[15] Not long after, Kousei and Shan arrived the the chamber of the Holy Mother, just as the seers were declaring their support for Anahid's ascension before Valla'drielle. Kousei and Valla'drielle greeted each other, and the pair spoke at length about recent events. It was confirmed that the other Judicators had all been murdered, leaving Kousei the sole survivor among the council. Kousei noted that while Valla'drielle had not orchestrated their demise, she had allowed it to happen in order to be free of their manipulations.

Now regretting his prior actions in service of the clan, Kousei declared both himself and Valla'driel unfit to rule, arguing for her to abdicate so the new generation might try their own way of following the path. With the further revelation of Valla'drielle's grievous injuries sustained during the Puppeteer Incident, it took few further arguments to sway the elderly matriarch. Ordering her escort to stand down, Valla'drielle formally abdicated her position as Holy Mother, hoping that Anahid could quickly learn to rule.[16]

Notable Quotes

"We have no need for any information your foul mind could contain... nor the help of any corrupted."[17] - To Sene'kha, moments before her execution.

"Only through mastery of what we mean to destroy can we fight it. Think about it, our clan may hold more practitioners of the forbidden arts than any other clan."[18] - Lecturing Shan on the harsh realities of the clan.

"Assassinations, purges... Pruning of the tree? Whichever terms we use to embellish and justify these acts, we have to stop."[19] - Persuading Valla'drielle to stand down.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 49.


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