Lilli'thnee Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                                  49          

Lilli'thnee Kyorl'solenurn
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Lilli'thnee Kyorl'solenurn
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Current Status

  • Picky about what she eats

A Warden serving during the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.

Appearance & Personality

Lilli'thnee is a well-built female Drowussu with green hair worn in dreadlocks. Her eyes were initially lavender before becoming tainted. She has a hyperactive personality and has difficulty standing still.


She is first seen shortly after the surrender of the Dutan'vir reclaimers, being sent to investigate the murders of the Judicators. Unbeknownst to her, this was simply a pretext being used by Vala'drielle to initiate a purge within the Kyorl'solenurn. With the blame falsely pinned upon her, Ky'ovarde opened a nether gate in self-defense, directly resulting in Lilli'thnee's tainting.

She soon appears before Anahid, having attempted to take her own life, but incapable of performing the deed. She throws herself at the mercy of Anahid's guardians and begs for death. To her surprise, Anahid offers not only forgiveness of the tainted, but acceptance.

She is later seen among the assembled crowd of peaceful protesters, alongside her Holy Mother.

Notable Quotes

"If you are truly the Holy Mother, bring me salvation." -To Anahid, after her recent tainting.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 49.