Macha Sullisin'rune

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Macha Sullisin'rune
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Macha Sullisin'rune
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Tsuris
Current Status
Surface Colonist
  • Affinity - Blood Sorcery

Macha is a Sullisin'rune surface colonist and Malag'nafein's mate.

Appearance & Personality

Mache is a slim female drowolath with green and blue eyes. She wears her hair long, with black highlights. She has a prominent blue Sullisin'rune facial marking on her right cheek. She is a rather vain and haughty individual, with a decidedly cruel attitude towards slaves.


Macha is among the Machike'Shikumo colonists driving the Hermionne away. With Baef tearing down one of their trebuchet, she and Malag'nafein fight off the goblin invaders together. [1].

Notable Quotes

" "[2]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 52.


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