Manoj Val'Beldrobbaen

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Appeared in chapters                                                 48           

Manoj Val'Beldrobbaen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Manoj Val'Beldrobbaen
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Catriana


A ranking Beldrobbaen guard and Sol'iania's mate.

Appearance & Personality

Manoj is a tall and lean drowolath when short grey hair. He is formal and unfailingly polite to fellow members of the upper caste, but somewhat dismissive of the servant caste. Though born Sharen, he is fiercely devoted to the Beldrobbaen and his arranged mate, Sol'iania.


He is first seen greeting Master Naubol'oth as he returns from Orthorbbae, shortly after the Puppeteer crisis. He witnesses the eviction of the servant caste by Waes'soloth. Shortly thereafter, he is seen discussing the matter with Ischa, making a rather callous joke at the servants' expense. Ischa rebukes him for this, and he sincerely apologizes for the remark.

Following the discovery of the Flower Plague, the Jaal'darya are granted entrance into the by Waes'soloth fortress in order to attempt experimental treatments. Manoj witnesses the departure of Verthandi and all those electing to instead travel to Felde to receive the cure from Snadhya'rune herself.

Notable Quotes

"They gather at the elevator entrances like fish waiting to be fed. I should throw some crumbs down there." -Dismissively referring the expelled servants below.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 48.