Mek'kel Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                         40           

Mek'kel Sarghress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Mek'kel Sarghress
Sponsored by: Gojinki
Current Status
Home Guard - Brawlers Squad
  • Melee combat
  • Has battle psychosis
  • Highland Raider
Mek'kel is a member of the Val'Sarghress Home Guard Brawlers squad.

Appearance and Personality

Mek'kel is notably meek and timid when not in combat. He is polite, shy, and sometimes speaks with a stutter. However, when provoked his mind snaps into a berserker frenzy in which he violently attacks anything near him with his cleaver. When he comes down from this uncontrollable mental state, he does not remember anything that he has done.

Mek'kel is short with pink eyes and orange-tipped hair. He is from the same homeland as the Tei'kaliath, giving him the same skin tone as most members of that clan. He bears a small cleaver and a buckler in battle.


Mek'kel, despite his timid nature, ended up in the Brawlers squad alongside Zair'cysparvin Sinin Sarghress, Sen'gil Nimaraidh Tei'kaliath and their leader, Jak'iaah Sarghress. During the battle for the districts of Darya Lake, they were tasked with breaching a Vel'Sharen tower to carve a path for the rest of the Val'Sarghress and Val'Sullisin'rune troops.

Soon after entering the building, Mek'kel spotted a slave that was injured and bound high in a doorway. He and Zair moved to help it down, but they were stopped in time by Jak'iaah, who had detected the Dvergar powder lining the floor. Mek'kel suggested that they return to base for reinforcements, but Jak'iaah disagreed, instead instructing the squad to use the earth foci in their gauntlets to help her form a spike barrage against a hiding Black Sun, K'sava. The raging warrior quickly retaliated with a crushing axe-swing into Mek'kel's shoulder. He was grounded by the blow, but still sunk his cleaver into K'sava's foot.

Mek'kel received medical attention from Faen and Shala once the tower was taken. His arm was badly injured, but he remained conscious despite the pain.

Notable Quotes

"We should go back for reinforcements." Mek'kel's timidness showing.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 40.