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Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress
Current Status
  • Affinity - Fire Sorcery

Mir'kiin was a classmate of Ariel at Orthorbbae. He bullied her through school and stabbed her upon discovering her true gender. After capturing him, Ariel was forced to kill him at Quain'tana's feet to prove herself worthy of being the Val'Sarghress heir.

Appearance and Personality

Mir'kiin is crude, disrespectful, and impatient. He was unused to authority during his childhood with the Vloz'ress, and he feels a sense of entilement that comes with his Val position. Though he is unimportant to the clan as a whole, he arrogantly assumes that his clan's Ill'haress, Kharla'ggen, is at his beck and call.

He hates women and girly men, and is prone to violence and bullying against them. Mir'kiin has white hair, with a red tattoo underneath his left eye and is missing a portion of his left ear.


Davya Tower

Mir'kiin inadvertently discovers Ariel's true gender.[1]

Mir'kiin is first seen arriving at Orthorbbae alongside his sister, Kiel'ndia. He immediately began complaining about the feminine appearance of two of his classmates, and quickly gained a reputation as a loudmouth and a bully. After the rest of the children arrived, Mir'kiin entered Davya tower with the rest of the class and listened as Kel'noz instructed the class on the school's workings. After learning to activate their keystones, the class began to learn how to ride their floaters. Mir'kiin displayed some difficulty with this task, at one point slamming face-first into a wall.

The next day, the students began their lessons with a class on basic mana arts, under the instruction of Master Soleam'ji. After expressing blatant disrespect for both the lessons and his instructor, Mir'kiin was disciplined by Soleami'ji with air sorcery, who further humiliated the boy by changing his clothing and hair to a vibrant pink. Afterwards, the students were tested for their potential elemental affinities. Mir'kiin was promptly discovered to have an affinity for fire. His behavioral issues continued in the mathematics and science class under Master Rae'uul, who struck the boy upside the head for doodling in class and mouthing off.

The next day's classes began with their introduction to combat training, under Master Sandaur. Sandaur began with a demonstration against a captive orc, causing Mir'kiin to grimace as the orc was brought down with a low blow to the groin. Afterwards, the students were assigned to pair up for sparring, and Mir'kiin quickly challenged Ariel. Unaware of Ariel's true gender, Mir'kiin lunged forward with a grasping attack at Ariel's groin, dubbed the "Orc's Nuts Crusher".[2] Largely unaffected by the attack, an enraged Ariel responds by pulling the boy into a fierce headlock. After being released, Mir'kiin stalked off in an uncharacteristic silence. Shortly after the class ended, he confronted Ariel in a secluded hallway, revealing her gender in front of Yafein, Nau'kheol, and Khal'harror.

Attack on Ariel

Nau'kheol and Mir'kiin attempt to murder Ariel.[3]

Realizing that a fight was about to occur, a terrified Yafein abandoned Ariel to face the other three by herself. As Nau'kheol and Mir'kiin advanced on Ariel, Khal'harror offered to aid Ariel in exchange for a year's servitude, much to their irritation. When Ariel refused, the pair attacked as Khal'harror looked on. Though she was able to hold her own, she was unable to make it past the boys and back to Sandaur. As Ariel began gaining the upper hand, Khal'harror offered Mir'kiin a knife he had stolen from the earlier combat class. Mir'kiin gleefully took his opportunity to stab Ariel in the side while she wrestled with Nau'kheol.

Wounded and now aware the boys had a lethal intent, Ariel fled on her floater, causing Nau and Mir'kiin to give chase. Though Nau'kheol quickly lost control of his floater, Mir'kiin was able to catch up with Ariel as she entered the tower's central access tube. Though Ariel was able to ram Mir'kiin and force him to drop his dagger, he was able to recover quickly and stole Ariel's keystone from her floater, causing her to plummet into the forbidden lower floors. Believing Ariel to be dead, Mir'kiin congratulated himself on his accomplishment before returning to the others, intent on punishing Khal'harror for manipulating him.

Expulsion & Death

Ariel managed to survive the fall, and Mir'kiin continued to bully her. During the fourth year combat test before graduation, Mir'kiin wanted to knock Ariel out himself, despite the two of them being on the same team. When that idea was shot down by his other team mates, Mir'kiin instead left Ariel stranded and alone in the arena. Mir'kiin tried to ambush Ariel later but he was stopped by Sar'nel Tions Sarghress.

A few days later, when Mir'kiin was leaving Orthorbbae after having been expelled, Ariel laid in wait to get her revenge. The mercenary she hired to take care of Mir'kiin's escort made quick work of the job, and Ariel soon overpowered and disarmed Mir'kiin himself. She brought him before Quain'tana as proof of her strength, where Mir'kiin began to panic severely. Quain'tana was pleased but she had one final test for Ariel and ordered her to execute Mir'kiin. After some initial hesitation, Ariel was given a mace and with one final yell that his Ill'haress would avenge him, Mir'kiin was beaten to death.

Notable Quotes

"Get fucked by a drider, old man!"[4] - To Master Rae'uul on his first day of school.

This article reflects events up to chapter 5.


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