Nata'sinh Vel'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                                47         56 57

Nata'sinh Vel'Sharen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Nata'sinh Vel'Sharen Portrait for Arc II
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Current Status
Imperial Guard in the Val'Sharess Tower
  • Her arms are losing sensation due to progressed taint sickness.

Nata'sinh is a cheerfully bloodthirsty Dragon Knight of Zala'ess' lineage now serving in the Imperial Guard.

Appearance & Personality

Nata'sinh is a tall and well-built female drowolath with tainted eyes. Her hair is teal with a streak of black down the middle that is styled into a prominent braid. She is keenly interested in ferals, and she wears headpieces with stylized cat ears. Her much-favoured weapon is a large double-bladed axe.

Nata'sinh is aggressive and assertive, with a bloodthirsty streak itching for a fight. Despite this, she has a soft spot for dragons and ferals, tempering her demeanor around them and displaying a surprising amount of affection.

Biography - Arc II

Nata'sinh charges into battle alongside Duras.[1]

Observing the Vloz'ress

Nata'sinh first appears alongside Al'tesh during the closing hours of the District War, as the Sharen and Sarghress alliances have established a temporary truce in Vloz'ress territory to negotiate. Awaiting the results of the negotiations and further orders, she sends her personal feral, Khaja, to gather information from the Vloz'ress clan-meeting organized by Baliir.[2] Unfortunately, the poor creature is utterly confused by the chaotic and at-times insane interactions among the Vloz'ress. While Nata'sinh supposes this is due to some form of codetalk among the gathered Vloz'ress, Al'tesh is rather skeptical. Nevertheless, Nata'sinh remains optimistic of the prospects for a fight, eagerly anticipating an opportunity to collect meat for the clan's dragons.

Puppeteer Incident & End of the District War

Soon after, she is one of the many overtaken by Kharla'ggen during the Puppeteer Incident orchestrated by Ni'bai, trapped in a daze and unable to act despite Khaja's attempts to rouse her. Once the control is broken by the death of Kharla'ggen, she witnesses the joint flare fired by Quain'tana and Zala'ess[3]. Though Nata'sinh arrives too late to help repel the Demon God, she is present when Sarv'swati appears and challenges Quain'tana to single combat. Having recently secured a tentative alliance between the warring factions, Zala'ess orders her sister captured and bound, ordering her forces to kill Sarv'swati if she resists. Nata'sinh is one of the many soldiers who attempt to subdue the rogue Sharen, eagerly declaring her intention to smash Sarv'swati's face in. However, the assault is swiftly forced back by Sarv'swati's potent earth sorcery. Before she and her allies can regroup for a further attempt, Quain'tana elects to accept the challenge and all other combatants are forced to stand down to allow the duel to transpire.

Biography - Arc III

Treason Against the Crown

Three years following the end of the District War, Nata'sinh had been inducted into the Imperial Guard under Chrys'tel--who herself had been promoted to Captain of the Guard. Nata'sinh's duty was to guard the entrance to the Council room within the Val'Sharess tower, alongside Tehur and Zuhur. She was happy to obey the order to restrain a suspected Nidraa'chal plant for interrogation, per Chrys'tel's demand.[4]

Later, she and the rest of Chrys'tel's loyalists mobilize with the Sarghress clan to march on the Nidra'chaal-controlled remnants of the Alliance[5]. When the Sarghress troops are ambushed, the Imperial Guard was quick to dispatch cannoneers. However, the intensity of artillery fire brought up questions, as Nata'sinh feared what awaited the troops approaching the Imperial tower[6].

Notable Quotes

"It might be they speak in codes, in order to trick potential spies."[7] -Erroneously, regarding the Vloz'ress.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 57.


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