Nei'kalsa Tions Sarghress

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Nei'kalsa Tions Sarghress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Nei'kalsa Tions Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Val'Sarghress Tutor

Nei'kalsa is Sar'nel's older sister and teacher, raising him until he was of age to attend Orthorbbae.

Appearance and Personality

Nei'kalsa is tall woman with pale blue eyes and long hair. She wears robe-like dresses with her hair pulled back into an elegant braid, with a lock of hair dyed Sarghress-red. She is a patient and maternal individual, well-suited to her duties of tutoring young children.


Nei'kalsa first appears during the period of Ariel's 10th birthday, having raised Sar'nel for a similar length of time. She brings him books to study, but is even and fair-minded with her instructions. Unlike Syphile, who teaches Ariel with mandates and physical punishment, Kei'kalsa gives Sar'nel choices and teaches him the consequences of a poor decision. As she moves to leave, she is interrupted by Sar'nel, who has discovered the doodles drawn by his book's previous owner, Ariel.

Later, she moved to Machike'Shikumo with Kel'noz Val'Sarghress to await Quain'tana's arrival.

Notable Quotes

"Learn to be strong of body and mind. That way your opponents will have to acknowledge your will as well as your fist." -To a young Sar'nel.

This article reflects events up to chapter 41.