Nhei'se Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                          57  

Nhei'se Sarghress
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Nhei'se Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
  • Named after Kite's headphones.

Nhei'se is a Fallen Legionnaire and the twin sister of Ant'alya. She is totally not Ant'alya.

Appearance & Personality

Nhei'se is a tall female drowolath with a thin build and purple eyes. She has long white hair left largely unstyled. She wears the standard armor of the Fallen Legion, as well as a simple cloak. Unusually, she wears sandals in place of the heavier boots common among Sarghress soldiers.

Biography - Arc III

Nhei'se first appeared in a prison cell in the council dome. Sitting in the cell adjacent to Rosof, she asked the old Dev'ess to recount the full tale of how the Sarghress came to possess Dire Wolves. Though surprised the story was not common knowledge, Rosof obliged. Though he admitted he had not seen the land himself, he spoke to Nhei'se of the seafarer's stories of a land across the western ocean. A land filled with the demonized survivors of the fall of the prior age. A realm known as Hel.

Notable Quotes

"Mind telling us where the wolves come from?" - Prompting Rosof to share the full story of how the Val'Sarghress came to have Dire Wolves.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 57.