Niende Sarghress

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Niende Sarghress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Niende Sarghress

Current Status
Val'Sarghress Administrator
  • Bookkeeping
Niende is a land administrator for the Val'Sargress clan. He is in charge of records for the North Cliff district.

Appearance and Personality

Niende is a helpful and intelligent administrator who is loyal to Ariel, the Val who owns the lands he manages. He appreciates and respects the input Ariel gives, and was distasteful of Syphile's neglect when she was in charge. He wears glasses and a tan overcoat.


Niende was the manager of Syphile's lands when she was a Val of Sarghress. Syphile never paid any attention to Niende or the work he did on her behalf, so he was happy to work with Ariel when she was given Syphile's territories. Ariel took ownership at a young age, so Niende promised to gladly teach Ariel anything she wanted to know about district management.

Ariel's lands include the North Cliff district, where she came to patrol as an adult. He oversaw Ariel's settling of a landowner's dispute.

Niende was also present in the district when the Vloz'ress attacked. He retreated to the district office where he helped sound the alert as a call to arms for the civilian population.

This article reflects events up to chapter 39.