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Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Nihemo
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Machike Citizen
  • Babysitting
  • Teaching

Nihemo is a drowolath caretaker living among the Emberi of Machike, as well as a friend of Vaelia.

Appearance & Personality

Nihemo is a short female drowolath with green eyes. She styles her hair into a simple bun and wears plain brown and white clothing. She has a gentle and nurturing personality, befitting her occupation as a caretaker. Notably, she harbors little-to-no racism against the Emberi people, developing a friendship with Vaelia choosing to live and work among the Emberi colonists despite the nearby presence of her own kin.

Biography - Arc II

Caring for Vaelia's Children

Nihemo first appeared as the caretaker Vaelia elected to leave her children with when called to deploy to Dariya'ko with a squad of Highland Raiders. Nihemo quickly deduced the reason for Vaelia's visit, noting four other children to have been dropped off the very same morning. Leaving a small pack with payment inside, Vaelia directed her attention to Kenro, instructing him to stay behind and help Nihemo care for his sister. She further instructed him to take his sister and go with the next caravan to Haltonreibe should she not return by the next moon, trusting Nihemo to take the pair to their father.

Fortunately, Vaelia returned from her mission unharmed and the Nihemo was able to return the children to their loving mother.[1]

Life in Machike

She is later revealed to have continued living in Machike as a group of Vaelia's people formed a small town within the colony. With the larger number of children in the growing colony, she has been serving to teach the drow language to the children of the town.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Four other children got dropped off this morning, so something must be happening. That's how it goes, sometimes."[3] - Deducing Vaelia's recent orders to deploy with the Raiders.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 51.


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