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Nin'diil Val'Beldrobbaen

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Appeared in chapters                                                 48           

Nin'diil Val'Beldrobbaen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Nin'diil Val'Beldrobbaen
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Nin'diil was an emotionally unstable Beldrobbaen Val. She was slain in the course of an anguish-fueled assassination attempt upon Waes'soloth.

Appearance & Personality

Nin'diil was a tall and wiry female drowolath with tainted eyes. She styled her grey hair into a rough hime-cut, with the back drawn into a loose ponytail. She wore a brown tunic with stockings, as well as a blue scarf. She was extremely emotionally unstable due to grief over the loss of her family, even going so far as to willingly submit to tainting.


She was first seen in the aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident, watching as Hile'wen debriefed Waes'soloth as to the new status of Chel while viewing the bodies of those slain during the event.[1] Taking a decorative blade from a suit of armor, she made a reckless attempt on the life Waes'soloth,[2] denying of the deaths of kin in a delusional rage. However, she was quickly cut down by the ancient matriarch's high sorcery. As others slowly recovered from their shock and moved to aid their Ill'haress, a mortally wounded Nin'diil slowly crawled towards the bodies, continuing to mumble blank denials. She was able to near the bodies and begin reaching out to them before Waes'soloth spared the attention to send a finishing blow directly into the back of the deranged Val, finally ending her misery.[3]

Notable Quotes

"They're! Not! Dead!"[4] - While attacking Waes'soloth.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 48.


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