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Áine Foltchaem Flannchaidh.

Age: 123
Martial Style: Aine is skilled with her bow and magic and, although she is proficient with her short sword, she prefers to engage targets at range.
Mana Skill: Fire Sorcery. Aine has practiced for decades and taught herself how to control her innate abilities.
Special Skill: Medic. Aine has studied first aid techniques and has a basic working medical knowledge.

Aine Foltchaem Flannchaidh (pronounced AWN-yah FAULT-khaeym flann-KHAIY) was born to professional sorcerers. Her mother, Erae, died during childbirth while her father, Alfheim Foltchaem, raised her by himself until his death by food poisoning sixteen years later, before he could teach her much of his sorcerous knowledge. Raised by a too-busy aunt named Adriana, who spent only the minimum amount of time with her young ward - passing on only the basic necessities of education and training - Aine fell in with another elf named Eusain. Spending most of her time with the trickster, she began dressing in more masculine clothing and engaging in more physical behaviors, spending time practicing with her bow and sorcery until she left the boring routine of the village for the more exciting wilds. Now turned Relic Hunter, she travels with him in the search of danger, excitement, and valuables.

First Appearance: Relic Hunters, Group 2, Chapter 1, Page 1