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Cat'sallith Vloz'ress and her hairclip, Fred (shown "evil", here).

Age: 43, but looks closer to 30 because of height.
Magic: Cat'sallith has an inherent fire sorcery, although she is mostly self-taught, and so is not very effective. Mostly, she can generate heat, and is more likely to set something on fire and throw it, than to throw a fireball itself.
Combat Style: Brawling. Cat'sallith has no formal combat training, although she is physically strong. Her tactics mainly include getting away from a fighter, but if she has to fight, she will punch, kick and grapple before trying to burn her opponent.
Special Skill: Climbing. Cat is an excellent climber, able to dig her strong fingers and toes into spaces that most people don't even realize, allowing her to scale a great many surfaces that would otherwise appear impassable.

Cat'sallith Vloz'ress is a former member of the Vloz'ress Clan, having left for reasons she hasn't explained, and is currently on extended contract with the Sarghress. She was attached to Lieutenant Kiira'liss' Highland Raider squad as a scout, and has provent to be quite agile and eager to perform, although she doesn't always seem like she's operating on the same level of reality as the rest of the squad.

"Marching, icky and wet.
Marching, makes me sweat.
Mushrooms, black and crunch.
Mushrooms, for to munch.
Camp fire, nice and hot.
Camp fire, where I'm not.
Hot stones, nice and warm.
Hot stones, they... um... aww...
-During a patrol.

First Appearance: Relic Hunters, Group 1, Chapter 1, Page 1