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This page is not verified canon. It is intended for supplemental reference only.

Tebryn Teuzt'sor Sarghress

Tebryn Teuzt'sor Val'Sarghress

Player: Thalar
Age: 70
Martial Style: Fighting with her axe at close range, and using the golem blades on her wrists as a last resort to keep an enemy from coming too close. She is well versed with heavy infantry tactics, like shield wall and group shielding, and has also learned to use a naginata. As she left the heavy infantry she left the naginata behind, but she has kept the axe and wrist golems as she is fairly good with that combination.
Mana Skill: Water element affinity. She has been trained in the team-cast mana shield which the heavy infantry use to protect themselves against arrows, and has received some basic training with water sorcery.
Special Skill: Mapmaking. She is good at remembering locations and routes and putting them down on paper/other material once she comes back to base. She takes notes when she walks, whenever possible, to ease the process.

Tebryn is a minor noble of the Val'Sarghress clan. In her early years she was taunted for her mismatched eyes, the only resemblance she bears to her father, and the only hint as to his identity. She quickly grew taller and stronger and the other kids grew quiet. She was raised in a proper way for a noble, with private tutors teaching her everything her mother believed to be proper for a noble to be proficient at. Her affinity for the water element was discovered when she had just passed twenty, and she received some basic training with its use, as befitted her station.

At age thirty, she left her silk dresses and haughty noble attitude behind, and joined the Heavy Infantry, where she would stay for nearly forty years. She gained a memorable tattoo and the respect of her fellow heavies through hard work and commitment. However, close to forty years on she was getting bored, and her mother kept urging her to look further, to gain rank and respect both for herself and their house.

Tebryn made the decision to transfer to the raiders after a chance meeting with Kiira'liss, which the younger raider remembers nothing of even though Tebryn likely saved her life that evening. A few months after this meeting Tebryn said good bye to her mate, and set off to the surface with the Highland Raiders. There, her mapping skills were put to good use, and she was assigned to map a section of Chel'el'Sussoloth with a small squad of raiders upon their return.

First Appearance: Relic Hunters, Group 1, Chapter 1, Page 16