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This page is not verified canon. It is intended for supplemental reference only.

Valo Varren Yurun'hiir

Sergeant Valo Varren Yurun'hiir.

Age: 142
Martial Style: Naginata. Valo is skilled with the use of his chosen polearm for extended melee combat, but also maintains a sword and dagger for backup weapons.
Mana Skill: Basic Mana Manipulation. Valo is very practice with cooperative mana techniques.
Special Skill: Riding. Valo is very skilled at riding, and has experience with many different riding animals.

Valo Varren Yurun'hiir is the grandson of Quill'yate Yurun'hiir Val'Sarghress and one of the largest males in the Underworld, at 2.1 meters (6' 11") tall, which gives him considerable reach even without his primary weapon. Growing up in the Highland Raiders, like all Yurun'hiir he is possessed of a need to travel and see new things, not wanting to be trapped in any one place without the freedom to wander. Always an upbeat individual with a joke ready or a philosophy to expound upon, yet with a caring ear to listen, Valo faced accusations of benefiting from nepotism due to belonging to the Yurun'hiir family, although he challenges such claims and works as hard - if not harder - than others in the same position.

However, with a charming smile and a fondness of females, Valo has a knack for getting himself into trouble, which has resulted in a slower advancement through the ranks as he has been knocked down on a couple of occassions. Yet he always takes it in stride, and retains his positive attitude, preferring to find the good in a person instead of pointing out their flaws. As a more experienced squad leader, he was placed second-in-command of Kiira'liss' squad to support her in her first mission and help keep her from straying too off track.

First Appearance: Relic Huntes, Group 1, Chapter 1, Page 1