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Ragini the slave girl, in the Longest Wait, drawn by Donny

Appeared in side stories The Longest Wait

The Longest Wait character
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Current Status

Ragini was once a slave in service to Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen and ulitimatly the one person to help the empress from her daughters. She was also used as the host body for Diva when she used an ancient spell to escape and merge wth Ragini.

Appearance and Personality

Ragini was a small child of a slave, one of the hundreds of slaves of common blood that live in the Vel'Sharen clan. She was thin as a wire and had disheveled hair and was mostly described by Diva'ratrika as very ordinary. Ragini, like most slaves, was submissive and loyal to her mistress. Her loyality constantly suprised the Empress especialy when she came back to aid her even when Diva accidently forgot to place a spell to keep from running away.