Rek'mar Sarghress

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Rek'mar Sarghress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Rek'mar Sarghress
Race: Mixblood
Current Status

Rek'mar is a Val'Sarghress guard with feelings for Lulianne Mae'yukir Sarghress.

Appearance and Personality

Rek'mar is a charismatic half-blood. He has a crush on his co-worker Lulianne, and he flirts with her on a regular basis. He has dark blue hair, orange eyes, and wears the standard gear of a guard in the Mae'yukir house. When off-duty, he wears a basic red tunic.

Biography - Arc I

Rek'mar was a friend of Lulianne when she worked as a guard for Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress. Knowing that she often got bored on the job, he decided to borrow a book from the library for her - a love story about the Vel'Cahal. He gave it to her before clocking out for the Moons End Festival. He asked her if she would join him, and when she declined he said he'd even wear a dress and dance for her if she came. Though she thought his tactics were silly, she accepted the date in the end.

When Lulianne came back from her mission to follow Mel'arnach, she joined Rek'mar at the festival. They danced, and he offered her a brilliant orange gemstone to wear in her hair, apparently an old drowu'ssu tradition. He tied it back in her hair for her, and they retired to have a passionate night of sex.

However, Lulianne turned out to be Khaless in disguise. She absorbed his aura while they mated, and she kissed his body good-night before leaving him lifeless in his bed.

This article reflects events up to chapter 39.