Sael Dutan'vir

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Appeared in chapters                          25                                

Sael Dutan'vir
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Sael Dutan'vir
Race: Mixblood
Current Status

Sael was a niece of Lulianne, killed and absorbed by Khaless some time after the Nidraa'chal War.

Appearance & Personality

Sael was a female mixblood. She had long grey hair that she styled into braided pigtails. Her personality prior to being absorbed is largely unknown, but she was apparently quite close with her Aunt, Lulianne.

Khaless taking the form of Sael in battle with Lulianne.[1]

Biography - Arc I

Sael first appeared as a one of the many faces stolen by Khaless over the years, having absorbed Sael after she sought aid following the destruction of the Dutan'vir clan. Taking the form of Sael during a fight with Lulianne in an attempt to make the proud Dutan'vir warrior hesitate, Khaless begged Lulianne to stop attacking. While shaken, Lulianne was able to muster the will to make one final attempt to slay her attacker.

Notable Quotes

"Our clan died. I was alone. I was afraid! I sought help and they took me--I'm lost... I-I can't see!!! I can't feel my body! Please help me, Aunt!!!"[2] - Khaless, while wearing the face of Sael.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 25.


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