Sais'lyra Val'Nal'Sarkoth

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Appeared in chapters            11                                                

Sais'lyra Val'Nal'Sarkoth
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Sais'lyra Val'Nal'Sarkoth
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Nal'sarkoth Ambassador
  • Diplomacy

Sais'lyra is a Nal'sarkoth Val serving as one of the clan's ambassadors to Chel'el'Sussoloth.

Appearance & Personality

Sais'lyra is a female drowolath of light build with green eyes. She has long white hair styled into a longer variety of hime cut. She wears a simple and quite revealing pale teal dress, with large portions of the fabric transparent. She is generally accompanied by a goblin acting as both servant and escort.

Sais'lyra peruses the market's goods alongside fellow shoppers.[1]

Biography - Arc I

Klar'bol Market

Sais'lyra first appeared as Ariel traveled to the Klar'bol market. Inspecting the fabrics and clothing from a nearby stall alongside a fellow shopper, she was one of the many people Ariel saw as the young child gazed with wonder on sights unfamiliar from her time secluded within the Sarghress Fortress.

More Information

Though not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, Sais'lyra was a character in Path to Power. More information can be found in the [Path to Power wiki].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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