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Appeared in chapters                                      37       44        

Moonless Age character
Portrait of Salbara
Current Status
Nidraa'chal Engineer
  • Talented Golem engineer

Sal'bara is a loyal Nidraa'chal that aided in the theft of the Val'Illhar'dro airship.

Appearance & Personality

Like her fellow Nidraa'chal Yuh'le, Elham and Tanavya, Sal'bara chose to follow Snadhya'rune and help fulfill her goal of an ideal world. She holds a hatred for the Vel'Sharen. Sal'bara usually wears black heavy armor in combat, with golems at her side ready to attack.

Biography - Arc II

Sal'bara first appears during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War onboard the refurbished ship, monitoring Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen and her group as they move through the ship innards. She is using her floating monitoring golems to spy on them, to report to ehr fellow Nidraa'chal later. Sal'bara appears once again onboard the stolem ship during Snadhya'rune's dramatic speech about her future plans.

Outside of Moonless Age

Sal'bara features prominently in the daydream story, Mel X Snadhya'rune Origin[1], as a favorite Orthorbbae student of Snadhya'rune. She was once a former Val of the destroyed Chai'thioc clan.

This article reflects events up to chapter 44.