Salan'dara Val'Sullisin'rune

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Salan'dara Val'Sullisin'rune
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Salan'dara Val'Sullisin'rune

Current Status
Monitoring the Sul Colonies

Salan'dara is a daughter of Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune and appears to be a more practical kind of Sul; one that manages the technical details so her mother doesn't have to.

Appearance and Personality

Salan'dara is a levelheaded Sul, in contrast to her mother's often spastic ways. She serves as the Ill'haress' advisor and confidant. This daughter is often seen with a warm smile masking intelligence.

Salan'dara inherited Ash'waren's heterochromia eyes of green and blue, although her colors are switched. Her hairstyle consists of brushed back hair and two braids on either side of her face, dyed in yellow; her clothing is a blue and white one piece and hood, with one arm being sleeveless. As far as Sul tattoos go, Salan'dara only bares a simple light blue half-circle under one of her eyes.

Biography - Arc I

Salan'dara first appears during Zala'ess' call for a Ill'haress Council Meeting, where she sits at Ash'waren's side speaking about the Sullisin'rune's contribution to the upcoming Moon's End Festival.

During the celebrations, Salan'dara arranges for Ash'waren's retinue to meet Quain'tana Val'Sarghress on the highway leading out of the Sullisin'rune lands so Kel'noz Val'Sarghress can speak with his mother. She notices that Faen is riding with Ariel and asks about her health. Unfortunately, Ash'waren could not remember who her young daughter even was despite Salan'dara's urging, and because of Faen's condition the advisor recommends that her sister stay with Ariel for now, feeling that the Dome would hinder her healing progress.

Biography - Arc II

She is managing the Sul colonies established on the surface, and was sent to assess why these colonies had not responded to summons in a moonturn. Ash'waren tells Faen that Salan'dara is the only Sul she could trust, and instructs her to meet with her older sister in Machike'Shikumo if danger comes to them.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 39.