Seb'rath Sarghress

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Seb'rath Sarghress
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Seb'rath Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
  • Grumbling

Seb'rath was a member of a Val'Sarghress Home Guard squad that was massacred by demons.

Appearance and Personality

Seb'rath is a veteran Val'Sarghress soldier with orange eyes. He does his job with little hesitation, but is rather grumpy and will complain loudly if he sees reason to. That said, he displays a softer side when interacting with Ariel, taking the time to reassure the young heir.


Seb'rath laments being ignored by Quill'yate after she meets Ariel for the first time.

Seb'rath is charged with watching over Ariel during her first foray outside the fortress. Though he openly dislikes the idea of being put on babysitting duty, he does his duty nonetheless. As an intense sparring match begins between Quill'yate and Koil'dorath, he takes advantage of the opportunity to relieve his boredom, explaining the circumstances and reasoning for the duel to a young Ariel. After the bout ends, he draws the attention of Quill'yate, though is disappointed when Quill'yate completely ignores him in favor of speaking to Ariel.

Seb'rath's squad consisted of squad leader Celia Sarghress and her underlings Yunir, Karan and Melindir. As ordered, they were patrolling a Sarghress-owned district when they fell prey to a nether gate. Consumed by the nether and the possessed civilians, the squad tore each other apart as they too mutated into horrifying demons.

Seb'rath seems to have been possessed during the fight. He was killed after mutating into a demon.

Notable Quotes

"A warrior who fights with wooden sticks does not survive for long. Even if it is just practice, duels like these are necessary for commanders to retain the respect of their subordinates."[1] - Regarding the intensity of the bout between Koil'dorath and Quill'yate.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.


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