Shodun Val'Illhar'dro

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Shodun Val'Illhar'dro
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Shodun Val'Illhar'dro
Current Status
  • Spellsong
  • Nether summoning

Shodun, a soldier of the Val'Illhar'dro clan, is a tainted Nidraa'chal operative working undercover in Nuqrah'shareh.

Appearance and Personality

Shodun is rare among her clan for her tainted red eyes, but this does not stop her from being an effective Nidraa'chal agent. Despite her affiliation, she is compassionate enough to care for the lives lost during the war in Nuqrah'shareh. Shodun as long white pigtails dyed dark blue in the front. Her eyes are tainted red, and she wears standard Val'Illhar'dro armor in combat.

Biography - Arc I

Shodun is first seen at the Chelian branch of the Val'Illhar'dro clan. just as Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen came to speak to her cousin about the Empress' health, she appeared as his consort, making Chrys'tel uncomfortable about asking further questions.

Biography - Arc II

Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

Shodun releasing demons on the Val'Illhar'dro, Balvhakara and Vel'Sharen forces.

15 years later, she was seen in Nuqrah'shareh alongside Balsii as their group of soldiers took the Val'Illhar'dro palace by force. She followed Balsii's spellsong order to kill Sandaur'recherrai Val'Illhar'dro without mercy, blasting him through glass and out of the top floor of the palace with spellsong of her own.

She was later responsible for the opening of nether gates on the battlefield, which caused Yami'ni Vel'Sharen trouble while forcing the normally neutral Dusk clan to enter the scene. However, when she went to speak to Kalki Nidraa'chal in secret later on, Shodun expressed great regret for the needless deaths of her fellow Illhar'dro.


Shodun is currently wanted by the Val'Illhar'dro loyalists because Balsii gave up her name as one of those who plotted to cause the chaos in Nuqrah'shareh. Instead of sticking around to get caught, Shodun boards the stolem airship along with Kalki and her bunch--by now, Shodun had merged with her seed, along with Kalki, the three Sullisin'rune sisters and Sal'bara. They arrive some time later in Felde during a peace conference, where Chrys'tel immediately picks her out from those on board. Using spellsong, the former Illhar'dro then calls for the party guests to pledge allegiance to Snadhya'rune and the Nidraa'chal cause.

Sarghress Raid

Shodun and Mel'arnach are there to rescue the Sul Empath trio when Sillice and Nishi'kanta attack. Using her powerful spellsong, the tainted Illhar'dro blasts Sillice right out of the room[1].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.