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Shoki Vloz'ress

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Appeared in chapters                             28          38                     

Shoki Vloz'ress
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Shoki Vloz'ress
Current Status
Soul Seeker
  • Limited Nether Summoning
  • Has a suspect relationship with his pet Noz.

Shoki is a veteran Soul Seeker of the Vloz'ress clan. Previously loyal to Sene'kha, he ultimately decided to support Kiel'ndia in her bid to rule the clan.

Appearance & Personality

Shoki is a male drowolath with a wiry build and tainted eyes. He has short white hair that features two locks of hair akin to peyot, bound with blue decorative beads. He also wears a heavily-winding wire headband. Perhaps his most distinguishing feature is his ears, which have been intentionally cropped.

He is a blunt and rather embittered individual, with little concern for how he is viewed by others. He has a strong idealist streak, describing himself as a revolutionist at heart, but this is tempered by a lack of personal drive and a jaded sense of apathy. As such, he has no interest in the political posturing of his clan, going to great efforts to seclude himself and lending his support entirely at whim.

Biography - Arc I

Shoki first appeared in the immediate aftermath of Sene'kha's death. Though Kes'sen attempted to rally her supporters, he was quickly dispatched by Kiel'ndia, who had taken advantage of the circumstances to make a tenuous bid for power.[1] With the deaths of their leaders, the remaining members of Sene'kha's faction either abandoned her cause or fled into exile.

Larvova played no small part in these events, and sought out Shoki for her own purposes.[2] Bypassing the various barriers he had placed upon his room, she attempted to sway him to her side, promising he would be well-rewarded for his loyalty. Shoki, however, had no interest in joining any cause, instead preferring to seclude himself. Taking a different tract, Larvova warned him of the dangers of remaining alone among the Vloz'ress, insisting Kiel'ndia would not be able to keep the summoners controlled. However, this attempt backfired, as Shoki expressed respect for her audacity and entertained the idea of allying with the young girl.

Biography - Arc II

Ultimately, Shoki would indeed ally with Kiel'ndia. Fifteen years later, he served as one of her senior enforcers, alongside Baliir. With Maki's reckless and insubordinate attack on the Sarghress of North Cliff, Kiel'ndia instructed the pair to break the renegade's arms to "remind" her of Kiel's authority.[3]

Notable Quotes

"For all it matters now, I might as well side with her. After all, I am a revolutionist at heart."[4] - Stating a preference for Kiel'ndia's rule over any of the other summoners.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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