Shwamerl Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                47            

Shwamerl Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Shwamerl Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Martin
  • Creating card games
  • Swears profusely
  • Routinely ruins his armor

A foul-mouthed member of Koil'dorath's Assault Legion.

Appearance & Personality

Shwamerl is a powerfully built male drowolath with blue eyes and a prominent scar across his cheek. His hair is white with red highlights, and has been slicked back. He is a hot-blooded individual with an exceptionally foul mouth, though with a creative side to his personality.


The Puppeteer Incident

Shwamerl attempts to apprehend Sarv'swati after she arrives on the battlefield to challenge Quain'tana.

He is first seen during the Puppeteer Incident, being among the first of the Sarghress forces to engage the Demon God in combat. He stoically comments the battle will make for a good tale.

Later, he is one of those that attempt to apprehend Sarv'swati when she arrived to challenge Quain'tana to combat. Ultimately, he falls back to watch as Quain'tana accepts the challenge and orders all other fighters to stand down.

Notable Quotes

"This'll be a great tale to tell." -Upon engaging the Demon God.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 47.