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The Siksa'santi are a minor clan of Chel'el'sussoloth.


Nothing has been so far revealed about the origins or history of the Siksa’santi.

Culture and Politics

Nothing has been revealed about the culture of the Siksa’santi.

Clan Fortress and Properties

The states of the clan fortress or any property of the Siksa’santi are unknown.

Clan Members


Portrait Kendra Siksa'santi.png
The proud Illhar of the Siksa'santi clan.

Major Members

Portrait Cerise Siksa'santi.png
Cerise is a young Siksa'santi warrior and daughter of Illhar Kendra Siksa'santi.

More Information

Though not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, more information on the Siksa’santi can be found in the [Path to Power wiki].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 35.