Akhkhazu "Skwerk"

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Appeared in chapters                                         40*  42*               
Appeared in side stories Tale of Colonies

Akhkhazu "Skwerk"
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Akhkhazu "Skwerk"
Race: Locust
Sponsored by: CutieSquiggoth
Current Status
Vaelia's Companion
  • Crude Mana Manipulation
  • Chu - Ancestor
  • Stashes her loot in the Raider's packs.

Skwerk is a locust queen aiding Vaelia in her Highland Raider travels.

Appearance and Personality

Skwerk is a diminutive fae that has wings and a brown two-piece cloth that allows her to use her wings freely. She has completely green eyes and green marking all over her blue skin. She has a voracious desire for shiny objects.


Skwerk helps Vaelia keep up with her drow compatriots by providing mana for her armor.

She first appears when Vaelia's son Kenro tried to hit her with his wooden sword. Next, she appears when Vaelia requests the presence of one of her kind to accompany Vaelia on her mission. Skwerk answers this request. During the mission, she does things like powering Vaelia's armor and scouting the colony.[1] One such scouting mission was during the infiltration of Dariya'ko, where Sqwerk flew discretely throughout the tunnels and outer perimeter. In doing so, she located Ilmssyn, who had been captured by Black Sun mercenaries guarding the colony, and was able to alert the squad to her location. After the mission's success, she is seen showing of a necklace as Vaelia, Syrak and Nacht celebrate.[2]

Notable Quotes


Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 42.


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