Sorane'saniil Val'Illhar'dro

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Sorane'saniil Val'Illhar'dro
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Sorane'saniil Val'Illhar'dro Portrait for arc1
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Val'Illhar'dro Noble
  • Spellsong
Sorane is a feminine young boy with a love of female fashions, and often dresses like the greater sex.

Appearance & Personality


Sorane'saniil is a young Chelian Illhar'dro male that shares his clan's general personality traits of pleasantness and an easy-going nature, He appreciates beauty as most Illhar'dro do--meaning, the female form is the most beautifl thing to Sorane--and makes efforts to appear beautiful at all times. Because of his clan's rich lifestyle, Sorane partakes liberally of the finer things in life offered both in Chel and Nuqrah'shareh.

His appearance confuses people and will often make people think he is a very small female. He shares his mother's long, light blue hair and light blue eyes, and dresses in finery everywhere he goes.

Biography - Arc I


Sorane'saniil is first introduced arriving at Orthorbbae riding a gorgeously crafted Illhar'dro carriage driven by two of the Illhar'dro clan's flightless birds. His feminine appearance causes Ariel to mistake him for a girl, though Sorane quickly disperses that notion by expressing how happy he is to see another boy who appreciates feminine beauty. While Ariel is only mildly jealous at his appearance, it draws disgust from several of the other boys, most notablyMir'kiin. After the rest of the children arrive, Sorane enters Davya tower with the rest of his peers and listens as Kel'noz instructs the class on the school's workings. Their first lesson is to activate their keystones, which Sorane accomplishes effortlessly. Afterwards, the class learns to control their floaters, a task at which Sorane again displays very little difficulty.

The next day, the students begin their lessons with a class on basic mana arts, under the instruction of Master Soleam'ji. After expressing blatant disrespect for both the lessons and his instructor, Mir'kiin is disciplined by Soleami'ji with air sorcery, who further humiliates the boy by changing his clothing and hair to a vibrant pink. Afterwards, the students are tested for their potential elemental affinities. Sorane's affinity is found to be that of Spellsong, a talent not uncommon among those of his clan. The rest of the day's classes pass uneventfully.

The third day's classes begin with their introduction to combat training, under Master Sandaur. Mir'kiin mockingly notes that not all of the Ill'hardro clan's men dress like "freaks". Sandaur begins their lessons with a live demonstration against a captive orc, causing Sorane to whistle approvingly as the orc is brought down with a low blow to the groin. After further simple training exercises, the students are assigned to pair up for sparring, and Sorane matches himself with Dra'jyal. Their match concludes uneventfully, and Sorane than departs upon his floater in the company of Gailen.

Further Studies

During the tournament between the boys' towers, Sorane is one of the few that expresses that everyone on the team is needed and can be useful, even weak ones. However, eventually he breaks away from Ariel's group with those that remained to run off, leaving her alone.

At the time of the Moon's End festival, Sorane finds Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen and her friends heading for the girls' section of the school, and suggests that their brothers dress in old clothing their sisters had in order to go by unnoticed. He himself is finely dressed in female clothing, explaining that he often goes shopping with his sisters (still eliciting a look of disgust from Nau and Khal). Although the two boys pass inspection, Sorane is immediately caught by an Illhar'dro teacher that recognizes him--apparently, Sorane had tried to enter the girls' section multiple times before.

Biography - Arc II

Sorane being threatened.

Sorane was on the Illhar'dro Palace Isle when it was attacked. Rebel forces invading the island find him relaxing on a bench in a park, and unaware of what was to happen a fearful Sorane politely tells the rebel mercenaries that they aren't allowed on the island. They make fun of his small stature and promptly toss him into the river. Sorane almost drowns, and is later captured by rebels to be held captive, along with his mother Jhal'na, Yafein Val'Sullisin'rune, Quian Jie'yen, Kys'sea Vloz'ress and her brother Tamiir Vloz'ress. Fortunately, the group is rescued by An'jin Jie'yen and a group of assassins before rebels could kill the Vals.

Notable Quotes

"I often go shopping with my sisters!" - To the girls in Orthorbbae.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.