Storr Sann'ligr Lem'ja Dutan'vir

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Storr Sann'ligr Lem'ja Dutan'vir
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Storr Sann'ligr Lem'ja Dutan'vir
Race: Mixblood
Current Status

Storr was the elder son of the Lem'ja house, corrupted and possessed by a demon during the Nidraa'chal War.

Appearance & Personality

Storr was a tall and proud Dutan'vir with grey eyes and long grey hair. He was resolute and charismatic, commanding much respect among the Dutan'vir clan.


Storr first appears in a flashback to the Nidraa'chal War, in 1082 Moonless Age. During the conflict, Nidraa'chal agents were able to infiltrate the Val'Dutan'vir Fortress, assassinating Ill'haress Sannindi'ligr by corrupting her own guardian summon. With the clan fracturing in the chaos, Storr rallied the remaining loyal houses for a desperate counter-attack against the Nidraa'chal forces. Though the Dutan'vir force earned respect from their contemporaries for their dedication and tenacity, the assault was ultimately a foolish one, as they were slain nearly to the last. With their deaths, the Dutan'vir clan fully collapsed; with the survivors either merging into other clans or captured into slavery.

Storr himself was not slain during the battle, instead suffering a far more monstrous fate. Sometime after the battle, Lulianne encountered what remained of the once-proud warrior amid the carnage of their people.[1] His warped body bore the unmistakable signs of one overcome by a demon, his sense of self utterly consumed. Most tragically, Lulianne noted the weapons of their own people piercing his body; yet another testament to the horrors wrought by unrestricted nether summoning.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 17.


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