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This information is subject to change.

All Beldrobbaen are Vals, thus even a single subhouse member lost is a loss for the clan. The Beldrobbaen is dominated by small, even tiny, subhouses, several of which may have lost the female line entirely, and thus are already more or less extinct.

A big family tree is on display in the clan's fortress, with more and more branches crossed out, as subhouses die off.

Various houses exist within the clan:

  • A house of male librarians, clinging to the tradition of their House although the female line is extinct and the house will eventually die off since there is noone to continue the line.
  • A house whose female line had died, but in which one male became female, through some kind of trade with the Jaal'darya, and then became pregnant with an heir of her own, thus reenabling the bloodline. This house would be opposed by Traditionalists within the clan, but the house's members would be very protective of its new leader and heir, since having a female leader is key to gaining status and being able to compete with the other houses.
  • Desperate houses who struggle for power, and might even plot to replace the Ilharess, because they think she is crazy, even though the death of Waes'soloth would be the death of the Beldrobbaen. Leaders of such houses might think they hold the key to restoring the clan, and are being held back by the clan's Ilharess, or believe they can do a better job than she.
  • A house whose De'vess has gone mad with rage over the loss of the generation of girls, one of which was her only heir. The loss was made even worse by the fact that this heir was the first girl the De'vess successfully produced, as all previous attempts had lead to stillbirth. The De'vess hunts the culprits, whoever she believes them to be, with her drider knights.