Tabel Barrilyl Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                         40            

Tabel Barrilyl Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Tabel Barrilyl Sarghress
Sponsored by: * Master Avarice
Current Status
Close Combat Fallen Legion
  • Earth sorcery
  • Likes going shirtless

Appearance & Personality

Tabel has white hair and wears the armor of the Fallen Legion that happens to have a clawed gauntlet. He is unable to see ethereal demons. He like to glorify shiftlessness and in general is a sarcastic goofball.


During the Sarghress push towards capturing the Slaver's District, he took on one of the Vel'Sharen summoners after being told of her position by Abi'reo Val'Sullisin'rune. Despite injuring her, she brought a massive summon who managed to injure him. As a result of the summon's assault, he suffered lacerations and an arm fracture. He is currently recovering and practicing for sniper duty with his crossbow.

Notable Quotes

"She won't see me coming."

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 40.