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Job/Rank : Engineer
Description : Golem engineer involve fixing and creating complex devices to fortify the clan troops and castle. Golem technology in the drow society cover a lot of field, it can be as simple as a water pump or as complex as creating a giant war creature of stone. For fortification and general home use, the Engineer must work with the architect while for troops upgrade, the engineer must work with the warmaster. While keeping touch with the crafter and supply masters for the ressources.

P2P member Name Gender Age Affinity Status Professional experience
Meska369 Ar'lein female 114 earth Engineer Mining


Pariel Brorn male 62 earth tech mana scholar
Robert_Frazer Danikin Gwalior male 125 air tech mechanic
BergAchaea** Iintala male 73 ? tech ?
Lyrthis Lyrthis female 53 ? tech ?
S'rhal S'rhal male 97 ? tech ?
Tohya** Tohya female ? light Engineer second scout/High art illusion
Tyrona Tyrona Zyph'ir female 84 earth tech journeyman tech
kirio Ves'xile (Tla'clonatar) female 121 air tech teacher/researcher

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