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Job/Rank : Scout
Description : The scout can explore the surrounding lands. To reveal new places as well as adding them to the map for all the clan to see.

P2P member Name Gender Age Affinity Status Professional experience
Kir'ima Kir'ima male 123 air Scout expeditionary forces
Chrystale** Chrystale female ? ? scout ?
Thindra** Jantelle female 34 water scout thief
thatguyvex Kazdrin Thul'arran male 42 ? scout merchant
Kitab Al'Ibar Kitab Al'ibar male 57 ? scout mana plants farmer
crushogre Klovis male 56 ? scout missing two fingers
Suntiger745 Li Tem'aal female 32 ? scout actor
Q. §Quel'Ianthiss male 92 earth gave his life for the clan First Clan Scout
Dukeant** Rhyleyl'Urra male 54 bone scout hunter/butcher
Malithra Rotun'mir Lathrin'kaeldos female 87 blood scout Chel slaver
Serantis Serantis D'Air male 65 air Scout second tracker/scout (military)

§ deceased

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