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Reference sheet for required templates Hover with your mouse to see descriptions

 | title = The Daughters of Sarghress
 | characters =
* Ariel Val'Sarghress
 | locations =
* Sarghress fortress
 | factions =
* Val'Sarghress
 | sidestories =
* Machike's Conquest

You are creating or editing a page about a chapter of Moonless Age. Please follow the guidelines below. A few examples of well written chapter pages: Chapter 1 - The Daughters of Sarghress

Your article should include the following templates:

Standard structure of the article body is as follows:

  • Introduction. A very brief overview of the chapter. This should be no more than a few paragraphs that quickly details the important stuff about this chapter new readers might need. You should pick one or two sentences to "Feature" whenever this page is listed with its portrait.
  • Summary. A detailed summary of the chapter. Include images, section headings, and citations as needed.
  • Biography This is the history of what the character did during their time in Moonless Age. If there is lot to talk about, it's common to break this section into multiple subsections
  • Characters A list of all characters that have appeared in this chapter. Use the {{CharacterList}} template, and break the character into organized headings.
  • Extra Arc This is optional. If there is an extra arc at the end of the chapter (ex: Tir'ade's Fate), summarize it and list the characters here.
  • Sidestories If there are independent sidestories that were released at the end of this chapter, include links to their pages here.