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Moonless Age Character
(Portrait missing, click to upload)

A template for use on Character Pages. It creates the infobox seen on the right of each page.

Optional arguments:

  • sponsor - the name of the user that commissioned this character
  • portrait - the name that is used in guides
  • race - the race (Drowolath, Drowussu, Emberi, Halme ...)
  • section - the comic in which the character appears; default Moonless Age
  • faction - clan/faction name
  • status - the current status of this character
  • talents - talents list
  • family - family relations list
  • trivia - various one-liner facts
  • alt_img - a suffix of alternative portrait to display next to the main one

Usage of the alt_img argument:

  • For example if the main portrait is Portrait_John_Doe.png, then using alt_img=old will result in an alternate portrait called Portrait_John_Doe_old.png being added.
  • The argument defaults to arc1