The Berserker Lady

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The Berserker Lady
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of The Berserker Lady Portrait for Arc I
Current Status
Vloz'ress Berserker
  • Brute Strength

The Berserker Lady is an as-yet unnamed female Vloz'ress berserker that served as Larvova's enforcer. For the purposes of this article, she will be referred to as Berla.

Appearance & Personality

Berla is an exceptionally tall female drowolath with tainted eyes. What little hair she has, if any, is hidden underneath a helmet and face-concealing mask. She wears fairly mundane set of half-plate, which she later begins to adorn with brightly-coloured ribbons. As is typical of drow with berserker seeds, she has undergone drastic physical alterations, developing elongated limbs and greatly increased stature. As is not uncommon for those cursed with such a potent and feral seed, her mouth has deformed into a crude maw with sharpened teeth. However, her frame is strangely lithe in comparison to the hulking frames typically associated with berserkers.

Despite the unstable and violent nature of her seed, Berla is surprisingly disciplined. While generally surly and fully capable of violence, she is more prone to exasperation than true rage. Perhaps as a result of this internal discipline, she has survived far longer without being consumed by her seed than most berserkers, similar to Baliir. She also appears to be quite loyal to Larvova, treating Kiel'ndia with thinly-veiled contempt.

Berla escorts Larvova as she attempts to seize power.[1]

Biography - Arc I

Larvova's Power Play

Berla first appeared in the aftermath of Sene'kha's capture and execution by the Kyorl'solenurn, as Larvova moved to manipulate Kharla'ggen in order to secure her own rule of the clan. Accompanied by Qujia, Berla, and two other scourges, Larvova went to meet with the child-like Ill'haress. Finding Kharla's two flesh golem attendants in the doorway of her chambers, Berla bluntly ordered them to get out of the way as she threw the doors open. However, the group found Kharla'ggen already in the company of Kiel'ndia, who had begun treating Kharla'ggen as a sister to form a familial bond.[2] Despite Larvova's attempt to cow the young Vloz'ress girl, Kiel'ndia remained resolute. As one of Larvova's scourges made the lethally-stupid mistake of openly threatening Kiel in Kharla's presence, Larvova apologized and departed with Berla and the rest of her remaining scourges, leaving the hapless fool to his grim fate.[3]

Biography - Arc II

Continued Begrudging Service

Despite the short lifespan typical of beserkers, Berla remained an active presence within the Vloz'ress some sixteen years later. As Kharla'ggen returned from a journey to Snadhya'rune's gathering in Felde, Berla loudly and respectfully proclaimed her return. Her reaction to the return of Kiel'ndia was considerably less warm, and she begrudgingly announced the return of the clan's actual leader and her "cuddly prince". As she made a patrol of the Vloz'ress courtyard, she came across An'jin and Sara'hilana overlooking Baliir as he gave an impassioned speech from beneath the Turtle Summon. Recognizing Sara as an intruder due to her distinctive armor, Berla ordered her companions to seize the young Balvhakara woman.[4] Unperturbed, Sara simply activated her armor, launching herself into the unsuspecting arms of Baliir, whereupon she was no longer Berla's problem.[5]

The Puppeteer Incident

As with most drow in the area, Berla was soon caught up in what would later become known as the Puppeteer Incident. As Berla met with Larvova and one of her scourges, a massive wave of demons flooded through the district, recklessly unleashed by Ni'bai.[6] Having forced Kharla'ggen to absorb a massive demon, the rogue Sharen summoner commanded Kharla to seize control of the populace and slaughter the clan leaders. Berla, not being close enough to a major target, was instead grouped together with other nearby Vloz'ress to bar the entrance the fortress.[7]

Ultimately, through Ni'bai and her plotters were defeated, it came the cost of Kharla'ggen's death and the destruction of the Vloz'ress fortress. With the fall of their Ill'haress and home, the Vloz'ress were stripped of what little power they had managed to claim, the surviving members of the clan scattering to whatever refuge they could find.[8] It is uncertain if Berla survived the disaster.

Notable Quotes

"THE ILL'HARESS IS BACK. ALL HAIL KHARLA'GGEN VEL'VLOZ'RESS! And... her sister. ... And her cuddly prince..."[9] - Announcing the arrival of the clan's leaders with progressively less enthusiasm.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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