The Juice Merchant

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The Juice Merchant
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of The Juice Merchant
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Street Dealer
  • Juice Dealing

The Juice Merchant is a petty thief and juice dealer who peddles his illicit goods to any that will buy.

Appearance & Personality

The Juice Merchant is a short male drowolath with grey eyes. He wears his short hair unkempt and undyed, and dresses in heavy orange robes. He constantly carries satchels containing numerous vials of juice, which he will attempt to sell to any he encounters. He is an extremely sleazy and disingenuous individual, constantly on the look for any opportunities to profit. When selling or nervous, he puts on a broad smile and as much superficial charm as he can muster. He is very slippery and has a knack for escaping trouble, much akin to a cockroach.

The Juice Merchant peddling his wares to Kau.[1]

Biography- Arc II

Yes, he was.[2]

The Juice Merchant first appeared in North Cliff. During a routine patrol of the district by Sar'nel's squad, the merchant managed to draw Kau into sampling his juice, and was attempting to close the deal when Maki began her assault upon the district. With an open nether gate nearby, he abandoned the deal and left the Sarghress to deal with the mess.[3]

Much later, he was encountered by Chiri and Shan as they approached an abandoned building to meet with contacts from the Order of Serenity. Thinking they were there to punish him for his looting, The Juice Merchant quickly attempted to steer the conversation to his product while proclaiming his innocence.[4] However, they quickly declared they did not care, and asked him if he had seen any other drowussu in the area. Relieved, he mentioned that he had seen a greyskin wandering about that had some crazy insane hair. With that, the pair left him and The Juice Merchant once more fled the scene unharmed.

Notable Quotes

"Want some juice?" - Peddling his wares or distracting from his mischief.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 49.


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