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Drowtales' Policies

  • You are given the authorization to draw, write and contribute to Drowtales in one way or another. In return, by using our material, you give us the authorization to display your fan work on the web site.
  • You may use Drowtales material for personal use only. Commercial use and distribution of our content is not allowed without authorization.
  • We keep the right to terminate your account(s) at any time if you violate the peace and order of the web site; be it on the forum, shoutbox, or any other place on the web site.
  • We are not a fast food restaurant. Be harsh and displeasing and we shall react the same. There is no such thing as "Customer is king and always right" when dealing with us; we are few, we are human, and we are artists.

Drowtales 2001-2007 is registered in Canada under Studio Drowtales inc. and is copyright to Yan "Kern" Gagné.