The Seamstress

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The Seamstress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of The Seamstress
Sponsored by: Lunareth
Current Status
Vloz'ress Seamstress
  • Seamstressing

The Seamstress is a rather mad common Vloz'ress who works as the clan's seamstress.[1] She is also responsible for crafting the masks worn by the majority of the clan.[2]

Appearance & Personality

The Seamstress is a tall and well-endowed female drowolath with tainted eyes. She has long white hair worn loose, and dressing in a red strapless dress with gold trim. She has a large pair of golem arms attached to her back, which she uses in the course of her work. She does not express herself in words, but has a manic demeanor that she displays in her rather excessive dedication to her trade.

The Seamstress plies her trade for her equally mad Ill'haress.[3]

Biography - Arc II

Attending Kharla'ggen

The Seamstress first appears shortly after Kiel'ndia encourages Kharla'ggen to activate a colossal turtle-summon. As Kharla'ggen practices with her new toy to the distress of her attendant Vren Vloz'ress, The Seamstress adjusts the cut of Kharla's newest dress while the childlike Ill'haress still wears it.

Baliir's Meeting

Much later, following the return of Kiel'ndia and Kharla'ggen to the Vloz'ress fortress, the Vloz'ress district had come to serve as a neutral meeting ground for the Sarghress the the Sharen Alliance. Baliir held a rally in which he attempted to inspire the people of his clan to use their newfound position to spur the formation of a democratic government. However, he failed to account for his clan's widespread insanity, a failing that was shown quite vividly as The Seamstress provided "feedback" that was somewhat less than clear.

Notable Quotes

"Ssssm... Mmffff.... Mfuuu..."[4] - Offering her "input" to Baliir during a Vloz'ress meeting.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 47.


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