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Appeared in chapters            11                                        

Moonless Age character
Portrait of Thera
Race: Drider
Sponsored by: Hfar*
Current Status
Marketplace Tailor
  • Tailoring
  • Weaves cloth made of her own silk

Thera is a Ne'kalsaider tailor working in a back area of the market district.

Appearance & Personality

Thera is a lean female drider with a charcoal and tan colouration. She wears her hair shoulder length, with the back tied into a small bun. She has tan eyes with orange sclera. She has a gentle and warm demeanor, though tempered by a bittersweet sadness.

Biography - Arc I

Thera suspects Ariel's true lineage.

Thera was first seen when Ariel entered the market district during her early travels with Diva, Rikshakar, and Vaelia. Ariel was quite curious about her presence and nature as a Drider, noting relatively few travelers entered her store. As the pair discussed the reputation of Driders, Thera revealed herself as a Ne'kalsaider, a natural-born Drider. Appreciating the young child's curiosity and courtesy, the pair exchanged introductions, with Thera vaugely recognizing Ariel's name. Noting a similarity in clothing, Ariel asked if Thera knew of her "sister", Mel'arnach.

Thera explained that Mel was an old customer and friend of hers, though one she had not seen in nearly fifteen years. As Thera asked what happened to her old friend, Ariel explained Mel'arnach's seclusion. The Drider sadly noted that something quite terrible must have happened for Mel'arnach to choose such a life. Thera then inquired about Mel'arnach's child, revealing her knowledge of Mel'arnach's pregnancy to Zhor when last she saw her. Ariel was confused by this, stating she was unaware Mel'arnach had ever given birth to a child. Though suspecting Ariel's true nature owing to her age and the gaps in her explanation, Thera does not contradict Ariel's claimed maternity. After the pair briefly sat in silence, Thera cheerfully asked Ariel if she wanted an outfit. Though Ariel stated she had no remaining money, Thera insisted Ariel consider it a gift for the sister of Mel'arnach and began taking her measurements.

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"Changing the opinion of the whole world about my race may be impossible. But I do what I can as an individual to change how people view us."[1] -Speaking to Ariel regarding the perception of Driders.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 11.


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