Thral'lin Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42                

Thral'lin Kyorl'solenurn
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Thral'lin Kyorl'solenurn
Race: Mixblood
Sponsored by: JamesRye
Current Status
Holy Lance

  • Hears voices accusing him of being a coward for running away

A Holy Lance and former Dutan'vir who is disturbed at the Judicators choosing a new leader for the clan.

Appearance and Personality

Like his comrade Belph'aegor Kyorl'solenurn, Thra'llin believes in honest and justice.


Thra'llin, Belph'aegor and several other holy lances interrupt Kyuusei's speech at Valla'drielle's ill'haress confirmation to declare the judicators overstepped their authority in choosing a successor, when Shimi'lande had one lined up already. Thra'llin confirms that the chosen one is alive, and he had seen her himself.

Valla'drielle chooses to step forward and assure the holy lances that she understands their hearts, and offers council to them whenever they need it. Unbeknownst to everyone, Judicators do in fact choose Ill'haresses to succeed the previous one, but the general public does not know this.

Later, the order is issued from Kyuusei to detain all mixblood members of the clan, landing Thra'llin in a cell with Lythn, Mal and Woas'ned. Fortunately, Belph'aegor is there to free them.

Notable Quotes

"Our fallen comrades would be ashamed to see us today." Commenting on what he sees as the Judicators overstepping their authority.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 42.