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Appeared in side stories Dutan'vir Path

Moonless Age character
Portrait of Tlu'rath
Race: Drider
Current Status
Imperial Guard

Tlu'rath is an aged and stoic drider serving in the Imperial Guard.

Appearance & Personality

Tlu'rath is a blonde Drider where most Guards are drow. He shows signs of mana deprivation which marks his advanced age, and is able to remember when Chel'el'sussoloth was just beginning to form. Despite his age the drider still dutifully upholds his tasks of protecting the Empress' interests. His armor is similar to Val'Beldrobbaen drider armor in that plates cover his vulnerable drider legs, but colored the dark green of the Sharen.

Biography - Background

Tlu'rath first appears in the aftermath of the Nidraa'chal Uprising that led to the dramatic shift in the chain of command among the Imperial Guard. After Mikilu is publicly dismissed from service by Snadhya'rune, she requests he join her, stating he serves the Val'Sharess and not the Val'Sharen. However, the aged drider refuses, stating that he only serves in the name of unity within the Val'Sharen clan. In his eyes, there little difference to Tlu'rath between the warring factions of the Empress' daughters; or indeed the Queen herself, remembering as he does the early days of her reign.

He firmly states his belief that once the dust settles, the best ruler for the clan will emerge: Zala'ess is Tlu'rath's first choice in the wake of Sil'lice's alleged betrayal, though he cannot believe that the Third Daughter would betray her family. The old drider is saddened to see Mikilu and other Imperials leave the service and reminisces of times when Val'Dutan'vir filled the halls of the Sharen home, sometimes seeing so many greys in the halls that he felt himself to be one. As Mikilu mournfully assures him to be one of her people, he asks her pointedly if she intends to leave as well, though she cannot answer.

This article reflects events up to chapter 41.