Troops:Kyorl'solenurn Crusaders

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Light armor, such as leather, chain mail, and reinforced silk.

Fighting Style


Mana Mastery


Special Attributes

Enrolled citizens, united in their faith. Their skills might be a bit rusty.



During the holy wars, the Kyorl'solenurn call for the help of their people. The call to arms is always heard as the citizens are united in their faith; cook, blacksmith, guard, maid, and so on. Some of them have fought in the past or received private training in fighting, but nothing like a Templar would have. Their skills vary but true veterans or those with advanced battle skills such as tactical and strategic analysis are rare. While they may not be the best warriors, they are courageous and form the bulk of the Kyorl'solenurn army.

The Crusaders are given a uniform and light armor as they join. If they don't bring their own weapon, they are give one as well. Their mana skill is usually poor as well, and the limitation of personnel and short notice during holy wars doesn't give them a chance to get any proper training.

Roleplay Recommendations

Any drowussu of age can become a Crusader, as it is no different than enrolling in an army. Each of them has their own past and job, and might not realize everything going on between the clans. One thing is certain, though; each of them has a strong faith in the Goddess and the Kyorl'solenurn clan. As they are people coming to help their kind, they are generally altruistic and helpful to others. Due to lack of discipline, they might disobey orders, sometimes. Ever wanted to be a warrior-cook fighting with oversized spoon? Here is your chance! ...just kidding.