Troops:Kyorl'solenurn Holy Lances

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Lance, halberd or other equivalent, long weapon.


Full plate armor, same as the Templars.

Fighting Style

Aggressive charge, continue past, turn back and repeat.

Mana Mastery

Aggressive sorceries and weapon enhancement mana.

Special Attributes

Kyorl'solenurn unicorn riders.



Holy Lances are very equivalent to the Templars but with a few exceptions. Both genders are allowed, and similar to the Crusader, they are mostly used during wartime. Once the Holy Lances emerge from the fortress, it means a holy war has begun. The Holy Lances have little real battle experience, but a lot of training, which makes them formidable battle foes.

During wartime, small squads of them can be used to patrol the city streets. In times of peace, each Holy Lance takes care of their own unicorn and will never change to another one unless it dies. To creat a bond, they will use the same armor as the Templars, with one difference; the helmets of the Holy Lances have a horn instead of an eye, to symbolize and honor their mounts.

Holy Lances favor long weapons, such as lances, halbers or glaives, which they often enhance with mana during battle for extra damage. The Holy Lances are not the kind to stop in battles unles they want to dissuade attackers by their presence. They will favor a charging tactic by charging through, not stopping and focusing all their energies and mana on the few seconds of the clash. This is repeated until the enemies are weakened enough to be trampled by the unicorns.

Special note about the clan mount: These are not traditional unicorns. After a hundred generations underground they have evolved and adapted. Their feet have changed to be more suitable for rocks and the body shape changed slightly to permit them to jump more easily. You could see them as a cross between a mountain goat and a horse. As unicorn implies, they have a single piercing horn on their forehead. They can jump from rock to rock and climb rocky surfaces very well, and their eyes see well in the dark. During wartime, they wear armor for added protection.

Roleplay Recommendations

Holy Lances are usually from the members of the clan who don't feel the fanatacism of their Templar/Inquisitor/Warden kin. Kept aside during times of peace, they help the clan in the background, taking care of their mount and training. It is, therefore, much more likely that these troops would be more open-minded about the world. Roleplayers should put special care upon the mount and rider bond. It is very probably that the unicorn has received a name and the rider has learned to understand the mount.