Troops:Kyorl'solenurn Judicators

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Fighting Style

Ranged, defensive; will protect allies with mana.

Mana Mastery

Any - Advanced sorceries, high sorceries and high arts.

Special Attributes

Covered from head to toe in robes and a veil. Very skilled at dispelling mana.



Judicators are ancient drowussu who became the guides and judges of the Kyorl'solenurn clan, and all of them are of the first or second generation. They are there to help the Templars and Wardens with thier decisions and take care of the paperworks of the clan. They were once Wardens and Templars themselves, who fought many battles and became revered over time for their wisdom, experiences and knowledge. Together, they form a council with Shimi'lande as governor and rule the clan, the town surrounding it and the school. As their bodies are covered from head to toe by decorated layers of robes and a veil, it is usually hard to tel the gender of a Judicator before he or she speaks. To meet a Judicator is said to be a great honor among the drowussu.

As the judicators serve as leaders behind the scene, tehy do not participate in any battle. To carry weapons and armor would be pointless for them. If a fight is unavoidable, though, they have a wide range of mana powers at their disposal. Considering they do not have to fight with a weapon, this allows them to focus on dispelling hostile mana surrounding them and, by doing so, protect the troops surrounding them from harm as well. They are also able to resist tainted mana for a much longer period of time than the Wardens and Templars.

Roleplay Recommendations

The high priests/priestesses, so to speak. Politicians, confidants, leaders and guides, just like Shimi'lande they do not fight and will try to avoid it. However, if something defiles the purity of the race, they will not hesitate to order their troops to attack. In order to protect them, a Judicator never goes unescorted outside of the fortress walls. Each Judicator is very different in terms of history and personality, and many among them have traveled a long time on the Overworld. Some were alive during the Moons Age.