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Full plate armor

Fighting Style

Teamwork - Close, defensive; their priority is to protect their Warden.

Mana Mastery

Sealing, various minor sorceries.

Special Attributes

Always work in a team and trained to fight tainted mana. Religious fanatic. All of them are males.



During times of peace, the Templars represent the main force of the Kyorl'solenurn; they are the pillars that keep everything together. Taken early in age by the clan, they are trained in a special school with religion as its focus. They are taught mana mastery and battle skills as well as regular lessons, preparing them to someday fight for the Goddess and the clan as a Warden's blade.

Templars are considered noble warriors. They will serve their Warden and protect her until they die, or their Warden dies. Having been raised with their Warden since childhood, they are used to each other and work very well as a team. On duty, within the city, they usually wear a blindfold, which is not meant to hinder them but to actually show their trust in the Goddess and the Warden. It also has a symbolic meaning; the mortal's eyes cannot see evil, but the eye of the Goddess sees all.

They rely on their instincts, mana vision and a weak form of infrared vision to do their duty. Of course, if the need requires it, they will remove the blindfold. Going blindfolded has one practical advantage, though; it permits them to focus on their mana vision, which allows them to see people who are tainted and where tainted mana is. It does not matter if a Ver'Drowendar attempts to hide or change his eye-color, a Templar is bound to detect him.

Practical where their equipment is concerned, Templars usually wear efficient full plate armor with nearly no decoration along with a simple blade. Their true strength in fighting Netherworld beings and Nether Summoners lies in their sealing power, though. They are able to repel tainted mana for quite a long time and thus they have the time to slay their enemies before a demon could latch upon their aura.

Roleplay Recommendations

You could consider Templars the equivalent of a traditional Paladin. They are noble, righteous, kind and will obey without fail. They do have a darker side, however; raised with a strong hate for everything defiling the purity of their race, they will kill without hesitation any tainted, or anything else which appears to be defiling (such as a crossbreed, or a sentient Jaal'darya creation).

A Templat is best roleplayed in combination with a Warden character, to unlock their full capacity.