Troops:Kyorl'solenurn Wardens

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Middle to High


Any, but tend to favor blades.


Any, but favor a mix of armor pieces with robes.

Fighting Style

Teamwork - Agressive.

Mana Mastery

Minor nether summoning, sealing and various sorceries.

Special Attributes

Wardens always work in a team and are trained to fight tainted mana. Religious fanatics. All of them are female.



The representatives of the Kyorl'solenurn clan; where the Templars are the blades, the Wardens are the hands that wield them. The judges of what is evil and in need of cleansing. The Wardens' mission, like the Templars, is the protect the purity of the race and to slay what they perceive as evil. Merciless in battle, they do not hesitate to kill what goes against their religion. They can ignore insults, rocks thrown at them and being spit at in the face, but they will not tolerate the sight of tainting.

They are completely devoted to their task and are taught to repress their emotions. some of them take this too far and become nearly emotionless, obsessed with their tasks and appearances. To make a Warden smile while they are on duty is a harder task than to defeat them. Each Warden is raised with a Templar as a companion, to strengthen their bond and make them work well as a team. A Warden may have more than one Templar, especially those of high rank. Each can also possess her own philosophy, which attracts Templars and Crusaders sharing the same views.

A Warden will carry whatever weapon and armor they see fit, but for religious purposes most of them favor a blade. As for armor, they favor a mix of metal armor and robes. The armor itself has little defensive purpose, but it can be useful for other means. They will usually wear several layers of decorated robes which might hide reinforced silk or chain mail protection. The outfite will always carry several gemstones, meant to seal demons and tainted mana, to expel them later through a Netherworld Gate. It is quite ironic that they have to learn how to open the gates they seek to destroy. Wardens are also very ogod at viewing auras and mana.

Roleplay Recommendations

Where the Templars are the Paladin, the Wardens are the priestesses, so to speak. They are best to roleplay with a Templar to unlock their full potential. Since they are noble girls, educated very strictly, they should be treated like they hd a stuck up their butt all their life. A Warden is someone who can become stressed easily and have difficulty getting off-duty.

Religion, appearance honor, duty and similar concepts can be many of their obsessions. When the pressure becomes too much, the Warden will report to a superior. This usually means praying for the Goddess' guidance or confessing to a Judicator. Also, a Warden's personality can vary a lot compared to other Wardens. One can be very aggressive and outright uncaring of any non-drowussu, while another could be very shy and nice.