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Drowolath, Ver'Drowendar, Xuile'solen


Middle to High


Automatic crossbow, light crossbow, throwing knives, daggers.


Light, if any.

Fighting Style

Lone, stealthy assassination.

Mana Mastery

Light/Dark sorceries to perform illusions.

Special Attributes

Clothed from head to toe in black.



The Fallen Legion is an elite squad formerly under the command of Laele'aell Val'Sarghress. They were chosen by Quain'tana herself, and raised together with Laele'aell. There have been no new recruits for a while, and likely won't be until the heir situation is cleared up.

Their leader was trained by some of the Xuile'solen, and the Fallen Legion were trained to be the spies and assassins of the clan. Meant to fight alone and kill from a distance, as well as close up, without being seen. If caught, they are trained to fight a whole group of enemies before running away. These troops had a promising future until their leader fell to tainted mana. Without a leader, they lost much of their recognition. Nevertheless, the troop renamed itself in honor of their fallen leader and continued their duty.

It is rare that members of the Fallen Legion remain in the Sarghress fortress for any length of time. Most of them are on duty in the city, and even outside the city. Some of them have infiltrated enemy clans to gather intelligence but, unfortunately, these lone errands led to several of them getting tainted in the process. The motto for the Fallen Legion is to not judge their comrades for this, as they all know what it is to have a difficult mission and be alone to accomplish it.

Besides light leather and silk armor to protect themselves, they also have their illusions. All members of the Fallen Legion are trained to use shadow and light to hide themselves or to confuse enemies. They are trained to disguise themselves if they need to infiltrate the ranks of their enemies, and some veterans among the troops have pushed their arts far enough to perform minor shapechanges to perfect their disguise.

For close combat they have a pair of daggers, and for long range they have a selection of throwing knives and a mini-crossbow. Some have access to poisons to perform assassination duty and it isn't rare to see equipment with golem enhancements to climb walls or hang from a rooftop. In case they are cornered, they have an automatic crossbow capable of firing a quick barrage of arrows, allowing them time to escape.


Loners, people who trust few besides themselves and who can keep a straight face when among enemies; keeping their cool might be a question of life or death. A member of the Fallen Legion is also someone who will prefer indirect fighting and stealth to do their job. The 'show-off' who fights in the open whenever they can is definitely not welcome among them.

((Unfortunately the Fallen Legion are not available for play in the DT RPG.))